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Walking/Jogging Trail Map

The Gardens encourages everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a wonderful location for your walking/jogging routine.  To make it easier, we have plotted a 2 mile trail.  Click here to view our Walking/Jogging Trail Map.


Birmingham Botanical Gardens' Map Legend

1. Sonat Lake

2. Formal Garden & Queen’s Gates

a. All-American Selections Garden

3. Blount Plaza (entrance to The Gardens)
4. Garden Center

• Leaf & Petal at The Gardens Gift Shop
• Strange Auditorium
• Linn-Henley Lecture Hall
• Blount Education Center
• The Library at Birmingham Botanical Gardens
• Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Offices
• Administration & Reservation Offices
• Alabama Cooperative Extension System
• Gerlach Plant Information Center

5. Hill Garden

• Kayser Lily Pool
• Cochran Water Wall
• Ireland Gazebo

6. Dunn Formal Rose Garden
7. Ireland Old-Fashioned Rose Garden
8. Crape Myrtle Garden
9. Conservatory

• Desert House
• Camellia House
• Samford Orchid Display Room

10. Enabling Garden
11. Thompson Enthusiast’s Garden
12. Forman Garden
13. Bruno Vegetable Garden
14. Herb Terrace
15. Hess Camellia Garden
16. Bog Gardens
17. Kaul Wildflower Garden
18. Fern Glade
19. Curry Rhododendron Garden
20. Little One’s Memory Garden
21. Abroms Rhododendron Species Garden
22. Jemison Lily Garden
23. Hosta Walk
24. Ireland Iris Garden
25. Southern Living Garden
26. Lawler Gates
27. McReynolds Garden
28. Barber Alabama Woodlands
29. Rushton Garden
30. Hulsey Woods
31. Asian Glade
32. Japanese Gardens


b. Torii (“Gateway to Heaven”)
c. Taylor Gate
d. Bonsai pavilion
e. Toshin-an (tea house)
f. Japanese Cultural Paviolion