On The Surface

Our logo graphically depicts important concepts about Birmingham Botanical Gardens' mission in a stylistic, easy-to-understand way. Inside a simple green leaf is a ladybug formed by a mirrored letter B. This stands for Birmingham, our home, and the plants and animals that make up the natural part of our environment; Birmingham is their home, too. Ladybugs are beneficial insects, so-called because they prey on insects that typically harm plants (perhaps this is why they are believed to bring good luck). Our logo is a strong reminder that our work here benefits all of Birmingham.


A Closer Look

The spots on the lady bug are symbols. On the left side are important plant parts: a leaf, flower, and fruit (shown as an acorn). On the right side are the things plants need to grow: the sun, water and a human hand for nurturing.


An Even Deeper Meaning

At another level, the symbols are a constant reminder of what we are and who makes us successful.

Sun: Just as the sun gives life to all plants, our facility allows us to share this life with our visitors, opening hearts and minds to the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Hand: Cultivated plants struggle without hands to help them grow, and our educational programs help grow science literacy in the minds of children, and foster lifelong learning for adults.

Water: Plants need water for strong growth, and our continuing growth would not be possible without adequate funding from donors to quench the thirst of our full potential.

Flower: The infinite and exquisite forms of flowers remind us that we can continue to develop Alabama's largest living museum and the nation's largest free-lending horticultural library.

Fruit: Fruits are special treats that everyone enjoys, just like our many special events. Also, just as fruits contain seeds, our family activities plant the seeds of respect for the natural world and engage the next generation.

Leaf: A tree relies on countless leaves to make its food, and without our numerous volunteers, partners, and dedicated staff, we would simply not exist, let alone have the energy to grow.