Our Brand Promise

Enhance life by connecting people with plants.


Our Brand Values

We fulfill our promise through a set of core values, shared by all staff and volunteers. We aspire to live these values in every interaction. Our brand values incorporate the core values identified in strategic planning sessions.


We are committed to excellence in biodiversity, science literacy and education. We are devoted to providing a beautiful environment while promoting diversity in all its forms. We invest in our staff so that we can offer the best possible service to our visitors. We look for opportunities to exceed the needs and expectations of our visitors.


We live our values and honor our promises. We strive to be a better community partner and to take the initiative in sustainability practices. We are proactive in resolving issues and promise to be good stewards of our resources. We uphold our high standards for the visitor experience.


We care for and about our visitors. We are a source of knowledge and comfort. We are transparent and accountable to our community. We will always work to keep promises that have been made no matter how large or small.

Mutual Respect

We bring our values to our visitors through our actions. We communicate in a caring and professional manner. We are genuinely interested in enhancing the visitor experience and making The Gardens a rewarding destination.