Weekend Programs

Weekend Programs

Get Into The Gardens - NEW

"Get Into The Gardens" is a new weekend program that provides free educational programming to visitors at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The series will include family-friendly demonstrations, the return of Hikes for Tykes, an educational outdoor adventure designed for preschool children and their families, and Sunday Scene, an educational walk through each of the gardens at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

All programs are free.  Registration is not required.  Meet in The Gardens' plaza.


Family-Friendly Demonstrations

Themed “Big Ideas, Small Spaces,” the first sessions will be held bimonthly beginning on March 16, are free to the public and appropriate for all ages. From planting peppers and tomatoes to creating a Mother’s Day herb garden and to explaining simple watering strategies, there is an educational opportunity to fit eclectic curiosities on Saturdays this Spring.


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Hikes for Tykes

Beginning at 10 a.m. every Saturday, Hikes for Tykes is another free program provided to visitors of The Gardens, this walk encourages pre-school children and their parents to engage in an outdoor educational adventure.

June 23- Plant Monsters!

We are not talking scary, but monsters in size of flowers, fruits, seeds and vegetables! Come and look at some of The Gardens giants that truly are monster in size.

July 9- What's Swimming at The Gardens!

 Rocks may seem cold and empty but, in a creek or stream, they teem with life. If you can imagine being an inch long and swimming in a creek, rocks would be a lifesaver offering a surface to hold on against the current and a maze of passages and tunnels to hide in. But what, you may ask, hiding in these rocks? What’s swimming besides fish? Join us and find out!

July 23- World of a Rotten Log!

There is a secret world hidden in the rotting logs of The Gardens. Join us in a dig into this world and discover what lives in a dead log.

August 6- The Trail of Peter Rabbit

Mischievous and disobedient young Peter Rabbit as he is chased about The Bruno Vegetable Garden of Ms. Beautrix. He escapes and returns home to his mother who puts him to bed after dosing. Learn about what young Peter saw...and ate in the Bruno Vegetable Garden!

August 20- Animals Tracks and other Facts

 If you know what to look for, you just might be able to tell what animals have been hanging around The Gardens and where they went. No matter how small it may be, all animals leave some evidence behind when they move through the world. Join us to look at tracks and other clues to what animals are doing in The Gardens when we aren't looking!


The program is offered in partnership with Fresh Air Family.


The Sunday Scene

The Sunday Scene also returns as the final component of the series, leading visitors on educational walks through The Gardens.
All walks in the Sunday Scene begin at 2 p.m.



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For more information about the "Get Into The Gardens" series, contact
Volunteer Coordinator Taylor Steele at 205.414.3962 or tsteele@bbgardens.org.