2019 Board of Directors

Chair: John Smith T

Immediate Past Chair: Beverley Hoyt

Treasurer: Wally Evans

Secretary: Emily Bowron

Chair of Development: Peyton King

Chair of Education: Chris Boles

Chair of Governance: Bill Ireland

Chair of Government Relations: Cathy Adams

Chair of Operations: Lee McLemore


At Large:

Brian Barr

Craig Beatty

Uday R. Bhate

Sharon Brown

Stephanie Cooper

D.C. Coston

Kate Cotton

Norm Davis

Bob de Buys

Ian Dexter, Junior Board Chair

Kirk Forrester

Helen Harmon

Chris Hastings

Fred Hawkins

Rick Heartsill

Turner Inscoe

Natalie Kelly

Caroline T. Little

John Miller

Blevins Naff

Tiffany Osborne