Birmingham Botanical Gardens is open to all, every day of the week. Spring/summer hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (through November 6). In light of the increased number of Covid-19 cases in Birmingham and Alabama, the City of Birmingham has implemented an ordinance requiring face coverings inside City-owned buildings and venues, including the Garden Center and other indoor facilities at the Gardens, effective July 29, 2021. For more information and guidelines for visiting, please click here. We look forward to your visit!

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Mailing Address

2612 Lane Park Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35223

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Main: 205.414.3950


Executive Director
Tom Underwood

Chief Financial Officer
Stephanie Banks

Director of Operations
Jane Underwood

Office Coordinator
Michelle Phillips


Donor Services Coordinator
Dawn DeFrank

 205.414.3950, ext. 117


Director of Development
Penney Hartline

205.414.3950, ext. 103

Donor Relations Officer
Drew Rickel

205.414.3950, ext. 102


Director of Education and Visitor Experience
Brooke McMinn

205.414.3950, ext.107

Education Program Coordinator
Ellen Hardy

205.414.3950, ext. 106

Education Activities Specialist
Dawn Coleman Lee

205.414.3950, ext. 105


Garden Assessment Project Leader
Molly Hendry

205.414.3950, ext. 115 

Garden Curations

Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator
John Manion

205.414.3950, ext. 116


Main: 205.414.3920

Director of Library Services
Hope Long

 205.414.3950, ext. 110

Library Assistant & Archivist
Jason Kirby

205.414.3950, ext. 109

Library Assistant (Weekend)
Rachael Daughtry


Communications and Marketing

Director of Communications and Marketing
Mindy Keyes Black

205.414.3950, ext. 112

Communications and Marketing Associate
Jamie Haas


205.414.3950, ext. 113  


Volunteer Coordinator
Alice Moore

205.414.3950, ext. 104

City of Birmingham

Main: 205.414.3900

Gardens Director
Virgil Mathews


Luci Bryant
Main Number/Administrative Clerk


District Horticulture Supervisor


Garden & Facility Rentals

205.414.3908 and 205.414.3909

Director's Administrative Assistant
Cheryl Henderson


Greenhouse Specialty Grower
Gregg Clark


Administrative Clerk (Activities)
Luci Bryant


Tissue Lab


The Gardens Café by Kathy G

Main: 205.871.1000

Event Director
Nicole Stoffel


Leaf & Petal at the Gardens

Main: 205.877.3030

Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES)

Main: 205.879.6964

Administrative Assistant
Annette Drummonds

ext. 10

Urban Regional Extension Agent, Horticulture
Sallie Lee

ext. 11

Regional/Extension Agent
Gary Gray

ext. 12

Plant Pathologist/Diagnostician
Jim Jacobi

ext. 18

Lab Technician
Caroline Rowan

ext. 19

Regional/Extension Agent
Bethany O'Rear

ext. 15

County Extension Coordinator
Lisa Jones

ext. 13