Japanese Gardens- Venerating the Equality of Nature through Aesthetics


Instructor: Mickey Lollar

Saturday, June 30 | 2-3:30 p.m.

Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Members $12 | Non-members $15

Whether for recreation, aesthetic pleasure, or spiritual practice, the Nihon Teien (Japanese Garden) utilizes a historical, philosophical, botanical, and physical landscape to provide serene sanctuary for its visitors. In the ordering of nature, Japanese gardens need to contain: 1) vegetation, with respect to characteristics; 2) stones and sand; 3) water elements; 4) islands; 5) bridges; 6) hills of varying heights; 7) paths, with emphasis placed on rhythm and focus; 8) lanterns, like the toro; 9) tsukubai, or water basin(s); and 10) man-made structures, like a tea house or fence. Family Focus: Clematis, Rose: Part 1

Mr. Mickey J. Lollar, B.S.Ed., M.A. is a certified teacher, writer, international lecturer, and extensive traveler. Mickey’s graduate studies focus on Cultural Resource Management (including Historical Landscaping) and Archaeology, with thesis research on Cultural Ethnobotany. In addition, being the son of the instructor of “Floral Design” at the University of North Alabama, graduating with a Floral Design Specialist certificate, and being a student of the Alabama Master Gardeners curriculum, Mickey has a well- established history in the botanical and landscaping industries.