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Native Plants Online Sale

Native Plants Online Sale

Exclusively for Members of the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Member Shopping: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 | 8 a.m.–10 p.m.

Plant Pickup: Thursday, March 24, 2022 at the Gardens' service entrance off Cahaba Road

During March Membership Month 2022, get ready for spring gardening by shopping the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens' one-day, online native plant sale featuring 80+ varieties of perennials specially selected by our Natives growing group.

Mark your calendar!



Native perennials are well-adapted to the weather conditions of our Southeast region and offer a feast both for the eyes and local pollinators.

On Wednesday, March 16, members of the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens will have the opportunity to shop 80+ varieties of native plants recommended and cultivated at Birmingham Botanical Gardens by our Natives volunteer growing group.

“Just as you may strive to buy quality food that is ‘local,’ we want to provide the bees, butterflies, and birds with the same quality nutrients they need to thrive,” says Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Natives growing group leader Gail Snyder. “Our group focuses on Southeastern native perennials along with a couple of annuals that not only are good for pollinators but also are beautiful in our gardens.

“It's exciting to have a natives-only sale that provides an opportunity to get more natives into our community,” she says. “We have a few select stock plants from Jan Midgley, author of All About Alabama Wildflowers, for sale. We also have cleaned and packaged seeds for five pollinator magnet plants for our first 30 large orders ($100 or more).”

The one-day, member-exclusive sale will be available for online preview March 14–15. Shopping will open at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 16, for pickup during your reserved pickup window on Thursday, March 24, via the Gardens’ service entrance off Cahaba Road (just north of the Birmingham Zoo’s main entrance).

Mark your calendar, and follow the Gardens’ social media and the Friends’ biweekly e-newsletters for updates!


The first 30 orders of $100 or more will receive a bonus gift of Southeastern-collected seed packets containing five distinctive perennial varieties native to the Southeast.
Varieties include:

     • Bigelowia nuttallii (Rayless goldenrod)

     • Coreopsis pubescens (Star tickseed)

     • Helianthus atrorubens (Purple disk sunflower)

     • Hibiscus coccineus (Texas star hibiscus)

     • Rudbeckia maxima (Cabbage leaf coneflower)

These special seed packets will include propagation instructions, growing conditions, plant care, and bloom time and will be with your order at time of pickup.

Thank you for helping us protect, nurture, and share the wonders of the Gardens through your annual membership, plant sale purchases, volunteer service, honorary and memorial tribute gifts, donations, and planned giving. We need your support now more than ever.

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