Birmingham Botanical Gardens is open to all, every day of the week. Spring/summer hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (through November 6). In light of the increased number of Covid-19 cases in Birmingham and Alabama, the City of Birmingham has implemented an ordinance requiring face coverings inside City-owned buildings and venues, including the Garden Center and other indoor facilities at the Gardens, effective July 29, 2021. For more information and guidelines for visiting, please click here. We look forward to your visit!

Our Gardens

The Gardens' 67.5 acres is filled with more than 30 thematic gardens, each one classified into one of three types: Gardens of Collections, Gardens of Nature and Gardens of Culture.

Gardens of Collections

This type focuses on a specific plant genus, family or other identified group (e.g., Asia). Gardens that fit into this category are:

Gardens of Nature

This type focuses on native plants of the southeastern US and eco-geographical plant groups. Gardens that fit into this category are:

Gardens of Culture

This type focuses on a particular design style or an aspect of human culture. Gardens that fit into this category are:

Other Areas of Interest

There are some items at The Gardens that do not fit within our classification system, but are still a valuable part of Birmingham Botanical Gardens.