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Birmingham Fern Society Annual Lecture

May 16 - Reception at 5:30 p.m., Lecture at 6 p.m.

Guest Speaker: Richie Steffen, Elizabeth C. Miller Botanical Gardens in Seattle, Wa. and author of Plant Lovers Guide to Ferns

"The Odd and Unusual and the Particular & Precious Ferns of My Travels"

The Birmingham Fern Society proudly presents a fern lecture dedicated to an asortment of fantastic species and Victorian oddities that have eluded widespread cultivation. Steffen has had the pleasure of visiting dozens of specialty ferns and nurseries. He has traveled to several countries to see ferns in the wild. He will share images of pteridophyte gems he has encountered over the yeats and kindle your love for these fabulous foliage of plants.

Steffen developed an interest in plants and gardening from a young age, which has grown into a lifelong career spanning over 30 years. Studying plants, particularly ferns, in the wild and in gardens around the world has given him and appreciation for the diversity of flora and vegetation gardeners of today have at their disposal. 


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