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Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

Around the Gardens Blog

Around the Gardens Blog

How to Care for Tomatoes


As spring approaches, it is now time to get a jump on your vegetable gardening. Here are important things to know and practice when caring for tomato plants.

The Art of Caring for Bonsai

Like any hobby, bonsai begins with that spark of inspiration that ignites when you experience the art of others, and suddenly your world expands, as you see more of what could be and what you can create. At least, that is the common story between Norm Geisinger and John Walker, members of the Birmingham Bonsai Society.

Caring for Your Rose Garden

Admired for their beauty, versatility, and popularity, roses share a special place in any gardener’s heart. By TYLER MASON Here are four important tips to keep your rose garden lush…

Around the Gardens: Treasured Trilliums

Nestled among the rich woodlands that stretch across Alabama are around 18 different species of trillium that blanket the forest floor in early spring, a number that fiercely rivals any other state! Although each type of trillium is similar in its small stature and skirt of three leaves, there are actually remarkable differences between these harbingers of spring from their flower color, shape, and leaf mottling.

Interning at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

With summer quickly approaching, the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens is accepting applications for their internship programs. Kaul Wildflower Garden Horticulturist Keith Turney gives us some insight on what to…