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Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)



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Tomato Troubleshooting and Taste Testing Extravaganza!

Bring your best-tasting homegrown tomato and participate in a blind taste test to determine the most delicious variety! Join Chilton County Alabama Cooperative Extension Agent, David Lawrence, as he shares insights and tips on tomato troubleshooting.

Summer Lawn Care and Turf Alternatives

Lawns are a beautiful element of landscaping but require considerable maintenance. Join expert Talladega County Extension Agent Jacob Turner to learn how to care for your lawn and explore sustainable turf alternatives that require less upkeep.

Beneficial Insects vs. Garden Pests

Before taking action against insects in your garden, learn to identify beneficial insects from pests! Join Jefferson County Regional Extension Agent Bethany O’Rear to discover common beneficial insects and effective pest management strategies.

Creating Drip Irrigation for Containers and Raised Beds

Make the task of watering numerous container plants and raised beds easy and efficient in this hands-on workshop with Dani Caroll, Regional Extension Agent for homegrounds, gardens, and pests. Dani makes doing the work of gardening fun!

Alabama Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Learn essential strategies for planning and implementing a water-efficient landscape in Alabama's summer heat. Join Regional Extension Agents Bethany O’Rear and Jacob Turner to explore drought-tolerant landscape plants perfect for your garden.