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Built in 1962, this stately Lord & Burnham conservatory has been an icon of the Gardens since its opening. Today, in the warmth of the sun-filled glasshouse, the flora of faraway places will transport you to new worlds.

Tropical House

Step inside. Are you in the south of Mexico where ponytail palms tower overhead, in Bolivia where red powderpuff trees burst into bloom, or in the south of India where the regal queen sago palms grow in abundance? 

Wonders From Other Worlds

While exploring the tropical house, keep an eye out for some of the plants that your favorite foods come from, like the vanilla orchid, banana tree, coffee tree, and cacao tree.

Desert House

Just beyond the fern grotto is the desert house, which displays arid species. Plants hail from stateside destinations like the Sonoran Desert, home to the giant saguaro, as well as far-flung spots like South Africa, home to jade tree and elephant’s foot.

Citrus House

On the other side of the Conservatory is the citrus house, where the intoxicating aroma of blooms fills the air in winter before the fruit ripens for harvest in summer. Come discover the vast diversity of citrus fruit, like calamondin, lemon, lime, navel orange, miracle fruit, and grapefruit.