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Curry Rhododendron Garden

Nestled under towering oaks and pines sits the Curry Rhododendron Garden, filled with hybrid azaleas and rhododendrons that color the woods from spring through fall.

Made for Southern Gardens

Given in the 1970s and developed under the leadership of Clare Curry, the Curry Rhododendron Garden celebrates one of the South’s most beloved garden groups, rhododendrons. Come discover members of the Southgate Series by Southern Living Plant Collection. These beauties are evergreen rhododendrons specifically bred for the Southern climate such as ‘Grace’ or ‘Radiance.’ You’ll also find an array of perpetually blooming azaleas to enjoy, including many members of the Encore series such as ‘Autumn Carnation’ and ‘Autumn Royalty.’

Enjoy the View

The Curry Rhododendron Garden is also the perfect spot to pause and soak in the peaceful scenes from a shady bench. If you are lucky, you might be able to snag a seat near the Curry Pond, where water runs down the rocky waterfall into a serene pool. No matter the season this garden offers a tranquil respite during your visit to the Gardens.