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Herb Terrace

Basking in the southerly sun overlooking the vegetable garden are terraces filled with an array of herbs that you might smell before you see them.

A Delight to the Senses

Herbs infuse almost every facet of our lives, from the things we eat to the scents we enjoy to the remedies we need to heal. The Herb Terrace displays a range of botanicals prized for their varied uses, whether it’s cooking a new dish or boosting your immune system.

Explore New Varieties

Come discover unique varieties of classic favorites like ‘Gorizia’ rosemary, Spanish lavender, and ‘African Blue’ basil. You’ll also find edible flowers like nasturtiums, plants common in teas like chamomile and mint, and a whole bed devoted to lemon-flavored herbs. These terraces are abundant with possibilities for herbs in your garden.