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Sonat Lake

As you turn into the Gardens’ entrance, you will be greeted by sweeping views of Sonat Lake. Surrounding its curving edges are trees and shrubs that are a delight not only to view from your car, but also to enjoy while seated along its banks on a sunny day.

Soothing Fountain

Given by Southern Natural Gas Company, now a part of Kinder Morgan, Sonat Lake sets the tone for your visit to the Gardens. As you enter, to the right you will see commanding views of the Conservatory and the Formal Lawn through the Queen’s Gates. And to the left the Sonat Lake fountain will soon steal your attention as the road bends along the edge of the water. 

Shady Retreat

Take a seat on a bench along the pond’s edge under the shade of oak trees, and soak in the sound of splashing water. If you get close enough, you might even spy an amphibious member of our Frank Fleming sculpture collection tucked within a planting of iris.