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Southern Living Garden

Created by Southern Living magazine, this garden is designed to feel like an intimate Southern home garden that demonstrates the potential for outdoor spaces in a region of the country that boasts of mild winters, a long growing season, and hospitality that often spills over into the garden.

Southern Flower Border

Just beyond the winter walk is the Southern Flower Border, which steals the show as the springtime garden awakens. From those first daffodil bulbs in February, the border is a rolling succession of color all the way until the first frost in November.

Echo Reflecting Pool and Terrace

Adjacent to the Southern Flower Border is a flagstone terrace framed by a sea of green mondo grass under the shady canopy of crape myrtles. Take a seat on one of the benches and admire the statue of Echo, who gazes at her own reflection in the pond.

Southern Living Plant Collection Display

Behind the stone wall is an open lawn bordered by a sample of plants from the Southern Living Plant Collection. Explore the range of plants specifically bred to thrive in Southern gardens. 

Emory Cunningham Native Azalea Walk

Just beyond the lawn is the iconic gazebo that looks out to the Native Azalea Walk. Dedicated in honor of Dr. Emory Cunningham, the founder of Southern Living magazine, this area is inspired by his love of native plants. Surrounding the pinecone fountain are Piedmont, Florida flame, and Alabama native azaleas. 

Celebrating Southern Gardens

With its history rooted in Southern Living magazine, this specialty garden contains tributes to many of the editors who guided the magazine’s voice and shaped the evolution of Southern horticulture. To longtime editor in chief and dedicated Gardens volunteer Dr. John A. Floyd, Jr., who passed away in February 2021, the garden remains a powerful illustration of what any Southerner can achieve through thoughtful planting.

Winter Walk

At the entrance to the Southern Living Garden are plantings designed to be at their peak interest in colder months. Stroll the paths surrounding mass plantings of Lenten roses tucked under yellow-blooming Cornelian cherries and discover the beauty of Southern winters.