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Junior Board

Started in 2010, the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Junior Board is a group of dedicated junior patrons who seek to increase awareness and involvement among their peers. They aim to increase diversity here at the Gardens and to host events and classes to help us fulfill our mission: to protect, nurture, and share the wonders of Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Interested in being a part of the Junior Board or serving on one of its committees? Learn more and fill out the brief application form below! New members are chosen in December. (Please submit applications by December 1.) Thank you for helping us grow a greener tomorrow!


Mazie Bryant, President
Cooper Evans, Co-Vice President
Mason Kruse, Co-Vice President

Members at Large

Milan Ballard
Mary Frances Brown
Haley Carpenter
Ellen Cates
Dessilyn Chappell
Anna Kate Coffey
Meredith Davis
Joseph Echols
Kalyn Fuller
Erin Gardner
Caroline Goodner
Garret Jefferys

Katie King
Kara Lamar
Abbey Moss
Jim Pickle
Julia Pickle
Lily Posey
Brooke Reeves
Anna Roussel
Symone Shaw
Catherine Smith
Stephen Walley

How are Junior Board members chosen?

  • Applications are accepted year-round with voting held each December. (Please submit applications by December 1.) The Junior Board may not exceed 30 members, so candidacy is highly competitive. To apply, please submit our application form (PDF)
  • Questions and applications should be submitted to Sebastian Ortiz Munoz, Communications and Marketing Associate, at [email protected]
  • Get involved with the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens by becoming a member of the Friends today!