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Practice personal wellness and environmental stewardship

Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Wednesday, June 12 | 9:00 am10:30 am

Learn about how Master Gardener Peggy Thompson created a certified backyard wildlife habitat at her home. Gain insights into the essential considerations for planning and nurturing a thriving ecosystem in your own backyard. Join Peggy and Friends’ horticulturist Keith Turney for an inspiring walk through the Kaul Wildflower Garden’s new “living bird feeder.”

Cultivating the Practice of Nature Observation

Friday, June 28 | 10:00 am11:30 am

Join teaching artist Melissa Shultz-Jones for a workshop on phenology, the study of natural events in relation to seasonal and climatic changes. Engage in a creative approach to nature observation…

Beyond the Roof: Preventing Water Pollution From Your Yard

Tuesday, July 23 | 11:00 am12:00 pm

Join Hana Berres, Education and Training Coordinator with Jefferson County Storm Water Management, to learn practical strategies for preventing water pollution from your property. Discover how managing stormwater can protect nearby creeks, streams, and drinking water resources.

Summer Lawn Care and Turf Alternatives

Thursday, August 1 | 11:00 am12:00 pm

Lawns are a beautiful element of landscaping but require considerable maintenance. Join expert Talladega County Extension Agent Jacob Turner to learn how to care for your lawn and explore sustainable turf alternatives that require less upkeep.